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Photos are custom cropped for your print size and color corrected including red-eye removal as needed before printing.  If you have any questions or requests regarding cropping, please contact us before you order! For more information about cropping, color correction, and examples of what your final product may look like, click here.

Cropping Information
We crop all photos during processing and no action is required from the customer. If you have any specific requests regarding cropping, please email us immediately after ordering!
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Example 1 as seen online
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Example 1 after cropping
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Example 1 for 8X10
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Example 2 as seen online
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Example 2 after cropping
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Example 2 for 8X10
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Example 3 as seen online
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Example 3 after cropping
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Example 3 for 8X10
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Example 4 as seen online
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Example 4 After Cropping
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All of our products receive personal attention and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Additional products may be available, just ask!

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